Apache Gin

A Gin with Spirit

Apache Gin is a hand-crafted gin that captures a unique combination of aromas of various peppers, coriander seeds, juniper and fresh citrus notes. These botanicals were specially selected and individually macerated to give the gin its distinctive all-natural spicy flavor, cherished by the Natives of the Northern Great Plains.

To no one's surprise, this gin harmonizes to perfection with Indian tonic.

Our Story

September 21st, 2009. Four Belgian friends, who left Manhattan five weeks earlier, were driving from Albuquerque towards Flagstaff on the highway 40. Wandering where the wind led them, they settled for the night at Whiteriver, AZ. They shared a few drinks with welcoming natives. Astonished by the natives' hospitality and enthusiasm, they enjoyed the local spirits, a blend of peppers, coriander seeds and fresh citrus, until the first lights raised above the treetops. Good things come when you least expect them: that night was the most memorable souvenir of their three-month journey across the US.

April 14th, 2018. Almost nine years later, they gathered in Brussels around a gin tonic, and decided to reproduce these spicy all-natural flavors. The Apache Gin was born.

This small batch hand-crafted gin is produced in Belgium, ensuring a premium quality. This original gin is best mixed with Indian tonic or Pink Pepper tonic.

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